Interesting/funny facts about South Korea

A few days ago, I was thinking about a new subject to write for this blog. I’ve tried to search for interesting  things. But I couldn’t find something really worthy. Until,I have found a blog about 10 interesting facts about South Korea. So, this time I’m gonna make a short list about these interesting/funny facts. Some of them are really funny .hahaha

  • The first thing is that South Koreans love to shop.  South Korea boasts of some of the biggest shopping malls in the world. Some of the malls are bigger than a European town.



  • A fact that I never knew is that taxis are colored coded. Hail a grey or white taxi and you get a basic car with a less experienced but still fully qualified driver. If you chose a black cab, you will get  more luxury and an experienced driver. It’s a little  expensive.



  • A traditional Korean roof curves up with a smile. So, if you see a traditional Asian building, check the roof. The Korean one has a roof with curves at the corners.



  • Fruit is a luxury item, especially watermelons. This fruit costs like 30 $ or something like that.


  • Drinking in public is 100% legal. You can sit in the park, by the river or in a University campus and just have a drink with your friends.


  • Number 4 is extremely unlucky. An interesting fact is that most buildings in South Korea don’t have a 4th floor


  • Avoid using red ink. Red means death. So you should avoid using red ink to write a note or a letter because it doesn’t send a friendly attitude.


  • A fact that I never knew about it is that in the first night of the New Year everybody hides their shoes. This is because there is a belief that a ghost will come down and try on everyone’s shoes. If the ghost like a pair of shoes will take it. It is thought that the owner of the shoes will have bad luck for the whole year.


  • Seoul is the second largest city in the world. According to the World Atlas, Seoul has a population of 20,550,000, making it the world’s second largest city behind Tokyo.


  • A really funny fact is that South Korean think that there is a “Fan Death”. So, they think that if an electric fan is running overnight, it’s going to kill the persons who are sleeping in the fan’s breeze.


  • The last one, which is the funnies, is the lack of good English translation on  T-shirts., company slogans, etc. A few examples:
  1. a T-shirt advertising “Monkey Wax-use it to wax your monkey”,
  2. a guy who was wearing a T-shirt that said: “It’s not PMS…I’m just a bitch”
  3. a pregnant woman with a T-shirt that said: “I’d trade my wife for a beer”
  4. a warning on a pair of scissors: “Don’t stick scissors into children

Here are some more LINK


So these are some funny and interesting things I found on internet about Korean culture. If you know other things like these, please share it..






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